I'm the person behind the chalk | ink | paint | sawdust | wood stain covered hands. Ever since I was little, I made things. I made noise, I made games, I made things. It wasn't always pretty - I'm looking at you, pennies taped to a 7UP bottle - but it was always me.

Today, I'm happy to say I no longer use 7UP bottles but I do still make things. I get joy out of trying something new, saying, "I bet I can make that" and figuring out how, and creating things for people that elicit responses like, "Babe. How dope is that?!" (True story)

I like to say that as long as it sits still long enough, I can work with it. Let me make something fun, weird, unique or lovely for you and I'll do my very best to make you exclaim how "dope" it is.



  • Favorite color: yellow...the mustard-ier, the better

  • I love giraffes. Like, a lot. (Did you know their tongues are black so they don't get sunburned?)

  • I'm fondly referred to by close friends as The Champagne Bandit

  • Mr. Lettering and I have been together for 14 love and laugh-filled years

  • I am a fierce lover of animals

  • I am Italian and hold up to the loud and gesturing stereotypes

  • Mama to two kittens: Cash (like Johnny), Willie (like Nelson)

  • Damn proud to be born + raised in beautiful Sonoma County, California

  • Travel enthusiast - most recent adventure: no. 1 bucket list item, Africa

  • Scuba certified

  • The veins in my left foot form a peace sign

  • I lived in France in college

  • The youngest of 3 sisters who actually are the coolest